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Mumbai Attacks: Role of the Media


In wake of the attacks on Mumbai , it has become almost impossible to avoid the talk of a possible armed conflict with our neighbours. Shivers run down the spine when one reads the leading Indian English dailies on line first thing in the morning. The rhetoric of an armed conflict rumbles across every links and articles on the subject. All the material we read tend to support an armed conflict as the only way to resolve the matter. Every comment and every statement made by some mindless “leaders” on the other side of the border are put on for the public to read as if they were coming form people with lesser mortal brains than ours. Cant we expect a little more maturity from the press and a little bit of direction from them . Rather than going into a mad rush of filling their websites with the insights of there unscrupulous creatures, can they not put some lines extra to it. Explaining , what the real intention of the individual is and why they are making such comments. These “leaders ” who themselves have fled their motherland in fear of death and punishment of what they have led their country give out comments in search of the limelight , which has faded even before it went for a full beam. Press in India can very well do to ignore them, or even if they want to quote them they can explain the REAL purpose of these comments.

Coming to the question of going for an armed conflict, we as INDIANS have a track record of never have gone into it FIRST. We continue to believe that, we wont harm anybody but would certainly give back to the ones who harm us. In this scenario we have to agree that previous attacks on our motherland were not dealt with strongly. Here I appreciate the role of INDIAN Media to have taken 26/11 as a cause and to have forced the Indian set of Power to be affirmative in their actions. But still I feel armed conflict is not a solution. Diplomatic way of dealing with it would be the best options. It would have the same effect of an Homeopathic treatment of a diseasewhen compared to the allopathic approach. Slow to begin with but a long lasting impact. 

We all know that our neighbours are very close to bankruptcy. In this hour of economic turmoil if they decided to spread terror in our motherland, it clearly shows their hapless approach of deviating the world attention on their pathetic economic progress report. What they really intend to do is take the two nations to armed conflict and then blame the same conflict as a reason to their Economic mess.What we as Indians should make sure is that we suffocate their economy , without actually going to a conflict. Put on diplomatic pressure on all their international ties, squeeze the supply of funds and brig them on their knees. Let them be taken over by UN and then they would realize the might of words over that of the sword. 

For the above to occur we need the Media and the Press. World wide consensus should be reached that they are the ones responsible for these heinous acts of crime. People should be made aware of what path is being taken and the prehistoric urge of mankind, the urge to fight for existence should be suppressed by this modern way ofresponse. A response so far reaching that our neighbours will be beggars for generations to come.

The act of writing all this gives me such a peace of mind , that i feel i have avenged the comment made by the former army chief of our neighbours stating that India wont DARE…..

Mr. ex (now a quitter) Chief, India is capable of things which your people can not even dream of. You should look back just 47 years in history to see our capacity and that of yours!!



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