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What on earth is Success?

What in the blue hell is Success?

This first thing that comes to mind is that Success is relative. Well relative it is. For the less fortunate out there, being able to put food twice a day on their family’s plate is success. For a soldier involved in active war, being able to return home unharmed to embrace his loved ones is success. For a baby being able to walk a few steps without falling is success. For a business conglomerate, to be able to buy another conglomerate at a price considerably below that of market expectations is success. For a con cheating someone is success and for a priest persuading someone not to commit suicide is a success.

Looks like, the path to be successful resembles the most contorted of networks, whose routing table has been embedded in a secure system, encrypted by algorithms tougher than SHA-1 to crack. As the civilization advances parameters and measures of being successful get evolved as well. It adds to the complexity of a problem when someone proclaims success by just digging wet sand and someone on the other hand falls aside trying to flat out mountains in life. Today’s achievements that might not ensure a bright future are also being represented as marks of success.

It’s an age of personal brilliance. People are so busy in doing their own good that they forget about the social nature of humans.  It’s become a norm that people move out of a less fortunate neighborhood as soon as their fortunes brighten up. Yes it’s true that you need a good neighborhood to really enjoy riding your Benz. But don’t we feel for the neighborhood, shouldn’t we give it an afterthought? Doesn’t it deserve a better treatment?  How can we call ourselves successful if all what we have done is added up our own fortune and now live in a better house?  Is your bank balance and living style the only mark of true success?

Yes it is true success, but only when you look at it from the perspective of living beings who have a very low intelligence level. How can just the ability to provide oneself with good food and living be hallmark of success? Unless we emancipate others, provide for them and help in the general uplift of the society to which we belong, how can we call ourselves successful?  True success lies in its universal recognition.  It should be collective rather than divisive. Success in its true form should bring us closer to others rather than alienate us into a particular society.

To me success is not in how rich I become, but in how much wealth I generate. It’s not about how people recognize me today but how people will remember me after I am long gone.  The day I become the person whom people count upon to put meal on their family’s plate, I will raise my hand in success. Until I achieve that, I cannot and will not proclaim myself successful.



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