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A company called SATYAM

After all that we have heard and read about Satyam over the last two weeks there actually remains nothing left to be talked about the Company. Almost everybody on the streets and even as remotely connected to the Indian Software scenario as my boss’s vegetable vendor knows that the company is fighting for its survival and that its future seems bleak. By the media reports and speculations it has no money to pay its assosciates and it all seems to be over for the poster boy of Hyderabad.

But amidst all the din and bustle one important fact seems to have been lost. No body no where ever talked about SATYAM: The Family. The bond that the people of satyam share with one another and the bond that has seen them grow as fast as they have is still as tight as it always was. We the SATYAMITES are still the same. And continue to delight our stakeholders as we always have. A very unique feature of SATYAM is that it has never boasted of cre-de-le-creme when it comes to the academic excellence of the assisciates. When we were picked from lesser known colleges and towns all over India we werent the so called toppers. Almost all of us were mediocre students who had that burning desire to do something in life. There are many of US in Satyam who in our campussing days were rejected by so called big companies because they diddnt find anything good in us. We were given reasons as wierd as our dress sense for our rejecteion. But at that time we were picked by Satyam. A company which stood by our side and made us feel important. They imbibed in us the fighting spirit and the belief that we CAN. A company which had believed in us in those early days cant just go away. Rather it will never go away. They stood by our side when we had nowhere to go an now all of us SATYAMITES will stand by the FAMILY. This feeling of oneness is so strong in us that wierdest of media speculations just sail by us without we even raising a brow.
About the people who leave satyam at this point , its needless to say that they were never true SATYAMITES. They were the conventional hoppers who had hopped in to take an advantage and will hop out any instant. Its very clear in my mind that we as a FAMILY will sail through this phase with ease and come out a much more evolved organization. The phrase Every Satyamite is an Leader comes to the fore in this situation.



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