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Project for Awesome….

Positivity really exists in this world and it portrays itself in most weird ways possible. Anyone anywhere is capable of hitting us with their positive attitude and it can really have a world changing impact.

Trending on twitter , moments ago, was a weird little topic called #P4A. To most of us it may seem like any other technical term being discussed by the enlightened souls of the planet earth who are adept at inventing amazing things in the computer world. And in all modesty it could really have been one.

But one click on the tag revealed a whole different world of discussion. It was not about bragging a new invention but just about humanity. It was about doing something to eliminate the suffering from our world. About helping human beings who need support. It was about wiping the tears from the faces of some of our friends and helping those in need. It was about being human.  It was about ProjectforAwesome.

Project for Awesome is in my opinion the real way of helping the unfortunate. People who are less fortunate are in no way different than us but life has played out for them a different script , that’s it. One should not feel guilty for their suffering and then help them, but just help them so that suffering can be eradicated from this planet earth. If we have an issue in life we work upon it to resolve it, its as simple as that. Suffering should be seen as an issue in our world and we should do what we can to remove it.

My heart felt thanks goes to the Vlogbrothers on youtube ( They have come up with this beautiful idea about #P4A and we should all help them make it a success. Please check them out and search twitter for #P4A to check all the related videos.

And of course DFTBA.. that’s short for Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!


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