About me

Who am I?

Just another guy in the IT world, who thinks he belongs to this place. Currently working as an administrator for an ERP solution and thoroughly enjoying what I do. The biggest draw for me in this job is the expression on the faces of the people when I bail them out of trouble.

Why am I here blogging?

Blogging to me is like a brain dumping activity. It helps me get out the maze of things that keep running in my mind. Also the fact that people get to read it , puts another aspect into picture. An aspect that my thoughts can match someones’s and we can know that there are people who think alike. Comments that people add to the posts and views that they bring with them also makes blogging an enchanting experience.

For example, it was through a blog that i discovered the nerdfighter in me. If you dont know what a nerdfighter is, just search youtube for vlogbrothers 🙂


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